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Welcome to Aurora Care Clinic!

Welcome to Orange County, California

We are excited to have you as our guest at Aurora Care Clinic. We know that you will find our facility and staff very accommodating in helping you accomplish your important work as a monitor. While you are here, please enjoy your private office with a large desk, complete with internet and telephone access.

We have a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker for your convenience and are located within walking distance to several restaurants and many more within a short driving distance.

We offer extended hours to meet those required for certain protocols in addition to accommodating our patients’ busy schedules.

When you arrive, our certified coordinators will:

  • Have all the binders and regulatory documentation ready for you upon request.
  • Have all subjects’ source documents and CRFs/EDC completed and available for review.
  • Be available throughout the day for questions, to resolve queries, and for other issues that may occur.

Our PI will be available to meet with you and review study progress. For your convenience, our calendar will be available to schedule future visits while you are here.